The N.J. Critical Incident Stress Mangement Team Website:

In the event of a critical or stress related incident, both personal or professional, you as Officers have several avenues for help. Three organizations that we as a Department have used are the Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Concerns of Police Survivors and the Employee Assistance Program. I have been involved with the CISM of NJ since the early 1990s. During that time, I have been involved with helping multiple Departments and Officers with their individual and departmental times of crisis and critical incidents.

The above link is to the CISM homepage and explains what services are offered and how the team works. It is made up of active and retired EMS personnel as a peer support group. All dealings are confidential; no reports are taken and nothing is turned over to an Administration or I.A. case.

Retired member and FOP Executive Board member James Harrity is involved with the C.O.P.S. organization in PA as another option available.

The DRPA offers the Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) out of Cooper University Hospital. Information is available in H.R.

CISM main number: 1-609-780-7700 

COP 2 COP main number: 1-800-COP-2-COP

James Harrity cell phone: 1-610-633-2685

Employee Assistance Program/ Cooper University Hospital: 1-856-342-2280

Stay Safe, 

Brother Shawn Waters