Family members of Sister Tara Marchetti have set up Go Fund Me for her and her son Zachary who has Glycogen Storage Disease type 1a. He has to travel to Connecticut annually to meet with the expert GSD doctor, David Weinstein, for the proper care because he wasn’t doing well at the local hospital. Since 2018 he has seen Dr. Weinstein and has improved tremendously. And since 2018 Tara has been fighting with Amerihealth to cover these visits which were upwards of $14,000 for 2018 and $10,000 for 2019 (she still doesn’t have an answer as to how much she has to pay for these visits); some were sent to collections. In the fall of 2019 she finally had a breakthrough with Amerihealth, come to find out the reason for them not covering the visits (which were authorized by Amerihealth for them to go) was because the hospital itself is out of network. It took over TWO YEARS for her to be told this. Inevitably there is another plan through her work she can switch to that covers out of network but she has to hit a certain amount first.

The total for next week’s Connecticut trip is $3,776. If you could help I know she’d greatly appreciate it. We thank you in advance if you have the ability to donate!

GoFundMe Link: