On December 17th, FOP Lodge 30 of PA and NJ was finally able to hold its annual Christmas Program at the Holy Name School in Camden, NJ after having to cancel it last year due to the pandemic. The children were ecstatic to see Santa and the members of FOP Lodge 30 with an abundance of toys from the gracious donations of the PATCO riders and employees of DRPA and PATCO. The children enjoyed pizza and water ice from the profits made from last year’s FOP T-Shirt Fundraiser, that many DRPA and PATCO employees took part in. FOP Lodge 30 wants to thank everyone that made the Christmas Program possible including the PATCO Station Supervisors for managing the toy bins in the PATCO Stations, as well as the DRPA for allowing us to use the PATCO facilities to make the toy drive a success.

FOP Lodge 30 suspended the t-shirt fundraiser this year due to worries of supply chain issues and not having the products in time for distribution. Also, we still had the funds left over from last year’s fundraiser due the Christmas Program getting cancelled because of the pandemic. FOP Lodge 30 plans on having another t-shirt fundraiser next year in 2022, when hopefully the supply chain is in better shape.

 If you would like to see a photo gallery from past years FOP’s Christmas Program please visit: Christmas Program

 Thanks again to everyone that made the Christmas Program a success and have a Happy Holidays.