During the month of October members of FOP Lodge 30 participated in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF). Members who donated to the BCRF were allowed to show their support by wearing Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons on their uniforms and the females in the department wear able to wear a special edition pink badge embroidered hats and also paint their nails pink if they chose to. The males in the department were also allowed to start growing facial hair to help jump start the fundraising. FOP members, Sisters Tara Marchetti and Amanda Hannan, were spotlighted in the DRPA’s monthly newsletter, displaying their pink hats, pink nails and ribbons. FOP Lodge 30 raised $1600 towards the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Great job to everyone that donated and participated.

During the month of November, FOP Lodge 30 has shifted their fundraising efforts towards the Movember Movement (MM). The MM is a fundraiser that supports men’s health specifically by donating to charities that target men’s mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. To show their support, male members of FOP 30 who chose to donate to the great cause were allowed to grow facial hair. Females members who donated were allowed to continue to wear their pink hats, have pink nails and wear their ribbons. FOP members, Brothers Jay Keefer, Dan Garcia, and Jeff Smith were spotlighted in the DRPA’s monthly newsletter showing off their facial hair. FOP Lodge 30 has raised $3100 so far for the month of October and November. Chief Cobbs was gracious enough to extend MM into December to help the fundraising efforts grow even bigger.

If you would like to donate to either cause please click the links below.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Movember Movementhttps://movember.com/t/five-o-five-o-clock-shadows